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I’m a information security industry veteran with more than 20+ years of experience in the field of network and cloud security. I’m currently working as a Cloud Security Solution Architect at IBM Cybersecurity Services. I’m an IBM Inventor and Member of the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT).

I’m also an ex-OpenBSD developer (xsa@), Hacker, and Open Source Advocate.

The main content of this newsletter will be a (weekly) curated list of cyber/information security links and resources that I find interesting and useful (going out on Sunday), whether you’re a seasoned pro, or simply interested in what’s going on in the cyber world.

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I’m also maintaining a list of information security events which might be of interest to you: https://github.com/xsa/infosec-events

Other topics in this newsletter might be technology, open source software, cloud, IBM technologies or information security related random thoughts.

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Cloud Security Solutions Architect | IBM Inventor | Member of the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) | Open Source Advocate | Hacker | ex-OpenBSD (xsa@)